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Doreen Royan & Associates boast a stock that has been built up over 35 years and contains in excess of 1000 top quality, sought-after, very rare, single items.

Buying and selling philatelic items or stamp collections

We are always looking to purchase items for our company stocks and for collectors and investors searching for specific items. Singles – Sets – Collections – Varieties – Errors – Rarities. We are happy to travel anywhere in the world for the right material. Recent buying trips have taken us to Europe, Australia, the Far East, Canada and the USA.


Insuring your collection is an important aspect of securing the value of your investment. Doreen Royan & Associates have had many years of experience in philatelic insurance and are able to provide the best possible advice. We deal with a broker in London and insure our own stock and collections through a special postage stamp policy that is managed by Lloyds of London. Each investor or collector should consider insurance for his or her own collection. The premium will depend on the value of the collection and the precautions taken to store it safely.

Benefits of investing in fine and rare postage stamps for your retirement

  • There is no tie-in period for investment
  • There is no limit to the amount you are allowed to invest
  • Your investment offers tax-free gains
  • You are able to diversify your assets and lock-in profits
  • Fine and rare postage stamps have offered an average of 10% market returns over the past few years
  • It is a global market that is liquid and traded in all currencies
  • It provides the perfect platform for diversification
  • A rare and fine stamp investment portfolio offers the investor pleasure while ensuring a comfortable retirement

Doreen Royan & Associates are ready to help you start planning your perfect retirement. Contact Us for expert service and professional advice in fine and rare postage stamps.


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