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SG 723Ey

1968 G.B. Machin. 1/2d. orange-brown. Marginal. Error, 'Phosphor omitted'. SUM. 

SG 724d, 734a, 734Eba, 735d

1970 G.B. Machin. Horizontal strip of 5 from the 'Stamps for Cooks' Booklet. Error, 'Each stamp printed on uncoated paper'. SUM. B.P.A. Cert. (2008). 

SG 734Eb var.

1968 G.B. Machin. 4d. bright vermilion. 1 side phosphor band at right. Overprinted 'SPECIMEN' (14mm). SUM. (SG Spec. U16As). B.P.A. Cert. (2009). 

SG 737Ey

1968 G.B. Machin. 7d. bright emerald. Error, 'Phosphor omitted'. SUM. 

SG 743a

1967 G.B. Machin. 1/6d. greenish blue & deep blue. Marginal vertical pair. Error, 'Greenish blue omitted'. SUM. 

SG X848a

1971 G.B. Machin. 1 1/2p. black. (2 bands). Left marginal example. Error, 'Uncoated paper'. SUM. 

SG X851a var.

1972 G.B. Machin. 2 1/2p. magenta. NW corner block of 30 (folded). Error, 'Partially Imperforate (blind, ghosted or barely visible perfs. or impressions thereof )'. SUM. B.P.A. Cert. (2009). 

SG X855b

£1 120.00
1972 G.B. Machin. 3p. ultramarine (2 bands). NE corner block of 6. Error, 'Imperforate'. SUM. 

SG X865a

£1 575.00
1973 G.B. Machin. 4 1/2p. grey-blue (2 bands). Left marginal block of 6. Error, 'Imperforate'. SUM. 

SG X866 var.

1971 G.B. Machin. 5p. pale violet. Error, 'Phosphor omitted'. SUM. (SG Spec. U135a). 

SG X872 var.

1975 G.B. Machin. 6 1/2p. greenish blue. SE corner block of 25. Error, 'Partially Imperforate. Lower 2 rows Imperforate with ghosted or barely visible perfs. and some perf. holes'. SUM. (EC F598IMa). 

SG X875 var.

1977 G.B. Machin. 7p. purple-brown. (1 centre band). Error, 'Imperforate between stamp & top margin (top margin has been slightly cut down)'. SUM. (EC F664IMb). 

SG X882Ey

1971 G.B. Machin. 9p. yellow-orange & black. Right marginal example. Error, 'Phosphor omitted'. SUM. 

SG X886a

1976 G.B. Machin. 10p. orange-brown (Type 1). 2 bands. Block of 4. Error, 'Imperforate'. SUM. 

SG X886a

1976 G.B. Machin. 10p. orange-brown (Type 1). 2 bands. Horizontal pair. Error, 'Imperforate'. SUM. 

SG X887 var.

1979 G.B. Machin. 10p. orange-brown (Type 1). All over Phosphor. Left marginal block of 4 with partial arrow & partial sheet number in margin. Error, 'Misperforated & phosphor lines'. SUM. 

SG X898a

£1 800.00
1982 G.B. Machin. 12 1/2p. light emerald (1 centre band). Top 3 rows with full margins & Arrow. Error, 'Imperforate (15 pairs)'. SUM. 

SG X924

1972 G.B. Machins. 1/2p. turquoise-blue. Top marginal Arrow block of 12 (folded). Error, 'Top pair partially imperforate (blind perfs.), Pairs 2 & 3 blind perfs., pair 4 partially perforated and pairs 5 and 6 perforated'. SUM. 


SG X924a

1980 G.B. Machin. 1/2p. turquoise-blue. Horizontal pair. Error, 'Imperforate'. SUM. 

SG X933a

£2 795.00
1988 G.B. Machin. 4p. new blue. Top marginal horizontal pair. Error, 'Imperforate'. SUM. 

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